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The Mask of Zorro 

The Mask of Zorro (1998) หน้ากากโซโร

The Mask of Zorro

The Mask of Zorro Don Diego de la Vega (a Spanish-born California nobleman) fights the Spanish during the Mexican War of Independence. He is also known as Zorro. Zorro is a mysterious swordsman disguised in a mask protects the Mexican peasants of Las Californias. Don Rafael Montero is the corrupt governor of the region and creates Zorro in a trap during the execution in public of three innocent peasants. Zorro intervenes in order to prevent the execution, and Montero’s troops are blocked by the Murrieta brothers. Alejandro Murrieta and Alejandro . Zorro beats the Spanish soldiers, and Zorro presents Joaquin the Silver Medallion. Don Montero suspects de la Vega to be Zorro and attempts to detain him at his home. In the course of the fight the two fight and Esperanza de la Vega’s husband dies. Montero adopts his daughter Elena as Diego’s home burns. Then, he takes de la Vega into prison and then returns to Spain.

Twenty-five years later Alejandro and Joaquin are gangsters that run an elaborate scheme together with Three-Fingered Jack in the hope of stealing a strongbox and recoup the reward. They are snatched by Captain Harrison Love who is Montero’s American right-hand man. Jack and Joaquin are seized, and Alejandro is able to escape. Joaquin then shoots himself to stay out of the hands of Captain Love. Love then seizes Joaquin’s head and hangs the man. Montero and Elena return to California as civilians. Elena has become a gorgeous woman, who looks like her mother. Montero’s reappearance motivates de la Vega to escape from prison. Alejandro is drunk when he comes across him, and he is able to recognize the silver medallion that was given to his brother when he was a kid. De la Vega discovers Murietta is on the same mission to get revenge on Captain Love for the murder of his brother. He proposes the opportunity to make Alejandro his ally. He offers him the chance to be the next Zorro. Alejandro accepts to be able to take revenge by following dela Vega’s training in Zorro’s hidden cave in the ruins of the estate of his family.

Alejandro is still in training is able to steal an unmarked black horse from the local garrison, which is akin to Zorro’s horse Tonado. Alejandro is ridiculed by De la Vega, who asserts that Zorro was a servant of the people, not an adventurer or thief. Instead, he confronts Alejandro and demands that he convince Montero to believe in him. Alejandro pretends to appear to be Don Alejandro del Castillo y Garcia and de la Vega is his service “Bernardo”. Then, he goes to a party in Montero’s Hacienda. Elena is amazed by Alejandro, and offers Montero enough confidence to invite him to a private meeting with a number of noblemen. Montero proposes a plan to take back California from the Dons and declare it to be an independent republic. He accomplishes this by buying the land from General Santa Anna who is desperate for funds for the coming Mexican-American War.

Montero is the one who takes Alejandro along with the noblemen to a secret gold mine dubbed ” El Dorado” where peasants and prisoners are employed as slaves. Montero is planning to purchase California from Santa Anna using gold extracted from Santa Anna’s land. De la Vega, who is the “Bernardo” employee, takes advantage of this opportunity to get meet Elena. Elena learns that Montero has informed her that her mother passed away during the birth of her child. Elena is strolling through the market when she comes across the Nanny who used to be her. She informs Elena about the true identity of her parents. Alejandro has been officially crowned the Zorro mantle, and is sent by De la Vega to steal the map of Montero that will lead to the gold mine. Zorro is able to take on Love, Montero and their guards in the Hacienda. Elena attempts to save the map of Montero after Zorro fled. After an intense, but brief duel with swords, Zorro kisses Elena before the escapee flees.

Montero is scared of the retribution Santa Anna will bring and finds out that he’s been paid out of his own pocket. In response to Love’s demands Montero decides to demolish the mine. Alejandro is instructed by De la Vega to free workers to ensure that Elena is able to be returned. Alejandro is frightened and furious over Diego’s vendetta and rages, takes off. De la Vega confronts Montero at the hacienda and discloses his identity. But, Montero threatens to shoot Alejandro in front Elena. De la Vega informs Elena of the name and the color of the flower, romneya. This is the name she saw upon arriving in California. She then frees de la Vega. They then go to the mine, where Alejandro, de la Vega, and Montero each beat Love and Montero. Alejandro and Elena liberate the miners shortly before the explosions begin and find the severely wounded de la Vega. He rekindles his relationship with Elena and Alejandro and offers Alejandro his blessing to marry his daughter.

Alejandro and Elena were later married. Alejandro shares with Joaquin stories of his great-grandfather’s heroic actions.

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